What is ACTEA's vision for the future?

ACTEA's vision for the future is increasingly to become not only a service TO the evangelical theological colleges of Africa, but also a service OF and BY these colleges, operated by and answerable to its constituency.

As ACTEA's former chairman, Dr Tite Tiénou, has said: "ACTEA should cease to be seen as an all-powerful external monitoring body. It must instead come to be seen and welcomed as a constructive internal catalyst, fully owned by our churches in Africa and by their individual theological colleges."

ACTEA is also committed to the renewal of theological education in Africa. To that end ACTEA has endorsed the ICETE (www.icete-edu.org) Manifesto on the Renewal of Evangelical Theological Education, and through its various programmes and standards seeks to promote the affirmations of that document for the development of theological education in Africa.


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