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ACTEA eNews is an e-mail forum for the periodic exchange of news, information, and resources on behalf of the Association for Christian Theological Education in Africa(ACTEA), ACTEA-related institutions and theological programmes, supporting organisations, and interested individuals. It is regularly distributed to over 500 readers.

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#40 -- February 2014   New Beginning for ACTEA
  1.  ACTEA's New Executive Director
  2.  ACTEA's New Administrative Assistant
  3.  ACTEA's New Facilities
  4.  ACTEA's New Name
  5.  ACTEA's Continental Council Meets
  6.  Background Developments
  7.  Important Upcoming ACTEA Events
  8.  ACTEA Executive Committee
  9.  Nairobi Office Contact Information
  10.  Resources For Theological Educators

#39 -- April 2013

  1.  ACTEA has a new name!
  2.  ACTEA staffing
  3.  How to contact ACTEA during the interim period.
  4.  ACTEA Council will meet in Nairobi on November 15/16, 2013   SAVE THIS DATE!
  5.  ACTEA Librarians’ eNews
  6.  ACTEA Associate status
  7.  A call for prayer
  8.  BookNotes for Africa reviews

#38 -- November 2011

  1.  Newly Revised and Updated ACTEA Standards & Guide Now Available
  2.  ICETE Triennial Consultation to Be Held in Nairobi, Kenya, October 2012
  3.  ICETE Doctoral Consultation, Bangalore, India
  4.  ACTEA Accreditation News
  5.  ACTEA Council 2011
  6.  Lausanne Cape Town Follow-up: News for Theological Educators
  7.  ABHE Annual Meeting 2012: ‘Christian Higher Education and the Global Cause’
  8.  Resources for Theological Educators

#37 -- October 2010

  1.  Cape Town 2010: The Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization (16-25 Oct 2010)
  2.  ACTEA Standards – Draft Revisions Available for Comment
  3.  Accreditation News
  4.  Call for Papers: 7th Annual Theological Education Conference,
     Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary, Ogbomoso, Nigeria (March 2011)
  5.  ACTEA-GATE Workshops to Resume in East Africa
  6.  CRWM: Transforming Theological Education in Africa through ‘Farming in Faith’
  7.  Resources for Theological Educators
  8.  Calendar of Events

#36 -- July 2010

  1.  ACTEA Standards – Updates in Progress
  2.  Accreditation News
  3.  Theological Education in Africa Conference, Limuru, Kenya
  4.  Cape Town 2010: The Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization
  5.  SBL Announces New Online Publishing Venue for International Biblical Studies
  6.  Overseas Council Staff Transitions
  7.  Resources for Theological Educators
  8.  Position Openings
  9.  Calendar of Events

#35 -- February 2010

  1.  Updates on ACTEA institutions
  2.  Opening for TCZ President
  3.  Books for Africa by Richard Gehman
  4.  BookNotes for Africa review
  5.  Contacting ACTEA

#34 -- June 2009

  1.  ACTEA Council meeting in August postponed
  2.  ICETE news
  3.  Workshop on Critical Thinking
  4.  Training Youth Workers in the Majority World
  5.  The latest book by Terence Ranger: a BookNotes for Africa review
  6.  Contacting ACTEA

#33 -- February 2009

  1.  Director’s Team meeting news
  2.  ACTEA Council meeting in August
  3.  New edition of African journal
  4.  NEGST Ph D programme announcement
  5.  Keeping Up—a book review from BookNotes for Africa
  6.  ACTEA-GATE Workshops for Theological Educators
  7.  Contacting ACTEA

#31 -- June 2008

  1.  ACTEA 'Think Tank' Held in Johannesburg
  2.  Christian Association of Librarians in Africa (CALA) Conference
  3.  Theological Education Conference Held in Nigeria
  4.  Accreditation News
  5.  Free Resources for Theological Educators
  6.  ICETE International Consultation for Theological Educators
  7.  Brief Notes from the ACTEA Community

#30 -- March 2008

  1.  ACTEA eNews Is Back!
  2.  Bibliography for Theological Education in Africa on Internet
  3.  Free CD of Byang Kato Works for Theological Libraries and Scholars
  4.  SATS Announces New Postgraduate Programmes
  5.  NEGST Announces New Programme
  6.  TCZ Seeks Christian Education Lecturer
  7.  AJET Invites Article Submissions
  8.  WEA General Assembly to Be Held in 2008

#29 -- April 2007

  1.  Change of contact information for ACTEA accreditation
  2.  ACTEA eNews changing server
  3.  Theological Higher Education conference announced
  4.  The Evangelical Training Database
  5.  Theological Education Matters by Linda Cannell
  6.  Theological librarian seeks position
  7.  Seminary seeks senior academics for positions
  8.  Two sources for library books
  9.  Keeping up with Africa--Reviews of Recent Books

#28 -- October 2006

  1.  ACTEA Council meets in South Africa
  2.  "Africa Bible Commentary" published
  3.  ACTEA Forum announces new discussion group for theological educators
  4.  NEGST Doctoral Programme applications due September 2007
  5.  AIDS Curriculum Survey for theological institutions
  6.  Two teachers available for short-term service
  7.  Revised edition of "African Traditional Religion in Biblical Perspective" now available
  8.  Keeping up with Africa--Reviews of Recent Books

#27 -- May 2006

  1.  World Scholars to Address ICETE Event
  2.  Theological Schools Consultation held in Sudan
  3.  African Theology conference to hold in Kenya
  4.  Schools progress with ACTEA accreditation
  5.  Keeping up with Africa--Reviews of Recent Books

#26 -- Sep 2005

  1.  Philip Jenkins to address ICETE Consultation
  2.  French-speaking schools meet to discuss HIV/AIDS curriculum
  3.  Book on African traditional religion available upon request
  4.  Evangelical Review of Theology available on revised CD
  5.  Reading books on the internet
  6.  Keeping up with Africa--Reviews of Recent Books

#25 -- May 2005

  1.  Christian Service College (Ghana) accredited by ACTEA
  2.  BibleWorks software provided for ACTEA schools
  3.  Evangelical Post-graduate Research Fellowship begins in South Africa
  4.  Theological educators from AIM-related schools meet
  5.  Current email addresses for ACTEA
  6.  Articles from "Evangelical Review of Theology" noted
  7.  Keeping up with Africa--Reviews of Recent Books

#24 -- Mar 2005

  1.  ACTEA Council appoints new officers
  2.  The Evangelical Bible College of Malawi is accredited
  3.  New email address for ACTEA
  4.  Faculty development network for Africa begins in Kenya
  5.  International Consultation for Theological Educators announced
  6.  Africa Christian Textbooks expands to Kenya
  7.  Keeping up with Africa--Reviews of Recent Books

#23 -- Jan 2005

  1.  Opportunity for training for African theological librarians
  2.  ACTEA Jos has new email address
  3.  NEGST will begin PhD programme
  4.  Nairobi Workshop: Helping Learners to Think
  5.  AICMAR Bulletin requests contributions
  6.  Upcoming CPCHEA conference in Nairobi
  7.  Keeping up with Africa--Reviews of Recent Books

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